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Task Manager start in Windows 10 - 7 options

The Task Manager is an integral part of Windows and monitors the programs, processes and services currently running on the computer. We will show you all the possibilities how you can start the Windows Manager with the mouse, keyboard or key combinations (shortcut).

What is Task Manager?

Task Manager plays a number of important roles in your computer. It shows an overview of all running programs CPU, RAM and much more. It is also possible to close unresponsive programs.

Using this information from Task manager you may discover a program or application that is causing heavy computer usage. This is noticeable when the computer is not running smoothly and the CPU utilization to 100% is.

Start Task Manager in Windows 10

Warning. Be careful when terminating processes. When you terminate a process associated with an open program, such as a word processing program, the program closes immediately and any unsaved data is lost.

When you open Task Manager, when you see all applications or open programs in the Applications area. The processes of programs are listed in the area. There are several processes running from one program.

You can use a browser, a text editor with an open document, an e-mail client such as Outlook, a graphics program such as Photoshop and much more

Programs and applications running in the background are also listed there. So you always know what is really about yours computer works.

The Performance tab in Task Manager provides advanced details about how the computer is using system resources, such as how the memory (Random Access Memory, RAM) and the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

Start Task Manager

Windows 10 offers several ways to start the Task Manager. The manager can be opened with the mouse, the keyboard and via Task Manager key combinations.

Total time: 5 Minutes

  1. Task Manager start keyboard shortcuts

    keyboard task manager

    One of the best known and most used ways to open the Task Manager is with the keyboard shortcuts "Windows + Alt + Del". The display will turn blue where you are in menu "Task Manager" choose.
    However, Windows provides with the shortcut key "Windows + Shift + Del". With this key combination, the tool is opened immediately without any further clicks.

  2. Open Task Manager from the taskbar

    task manager

    You can also call up the managers easily and simply via the taskbar. Click the right mouse button auf die taskbar if there is a vacancy and select in the context menu "Task Manager".

  3. Start Task Manager via "Run"


    Via the dialog box "To run" the Task Manager can be started. Press the key combination "Windows + R" and enter taskmgr and print the Enter key.

  4. Windows search


    The next way to call the manager is through the Windows 10 Search. To do this, you give Task manager in the search field and then click on the result.

  5. command prompt

    taskmgr command prompt

    Press the shortcut key Windows + R and give DCM a. Click OK and enter taskmgr a. When you press the Enter key again, the Task Manager starts.

  6. right click windows logo

    Right click on the Windows logo. A small menu opens automatically. You can access this menu even if you use the keyboard shortcut Windows+x to use. Select the Task Manager.

  7. Start taskmgr.exe from the Windows system folder

    taskmgr windows system folder

    The Windows system folder is a bit more complex. click on taskmgr.exe in the folder "C: \\ Windows \\ System32"

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