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Windows 10 record screen

Windows 10 has a hidden tool that allows you to record your screen.

You can use it to create tutorials or get help from a friend if you have a problem with your PC.

To access this function, start your App Store and select any game.

Now press the keys: Windows + G
When starting for the first time, the message appears: Would you like to open the game bar? Then check the box next to Yes, this is a game.

You are now ready to record your screen.

Here are the shortcuts:

Win + G: Opens the game bar

Win + Alt + R: Starts or stops the recording
Win + Alt + G: Records the last 30 seconds
Win + Alt + Print: Creates a screenshot
Win + Alt + T: Show or hide the recording timer
The recordings are below folder zu finden:

C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Videos \ Captures.



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