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Show system information in Windows 10 - Here's how

Display system information under Windows 10. Let's assume you want to know which model of motherboard or which processor is installed in your PC. There is a lot of information that you need or want to know. The graphics card, RAM, CPU and much more are on the motherboard. built-in. There are situations when, for example, you want to install a new driver for the chipset, you need the exact model of the motherboard. When you open the case, it is not easy to see the exact name. Before you go to the trouble of opening the PC or looking for the operating instructions, it is possible to identify the mainboard type under Windows using your own on-board tools.

Here we introduce you to four methods of how you can display system information quickly and easily.

Read system information windows 10


System information about the Settings show

One possibility is the system information to be displayed in Windows 10, goes through the settings. The most important information is displayed here.

Start the settings by entering the Keyboard shortcut Windows + I press or click on the left Windows Button and continue on Settings.

windows 10 settings

Now click on in the opened window System.


In the new window click on the left Info.


In the right half of the window you can now see the information about the built-in components.

system information


Find out system information with msinfo32

With the command msinfo32 it is easy to read the data from the computer.

Press the key combination Windows key + R or give To run in the search bar Windows 10 .

Now give msinfo32 and press the Enter key.


You will receive detailed information about the operating system, BIOS version, processor, memory and much more.



Reading out system information with dxdiag

You can also read out a lot of data on your computer using the key combination Windows key + R press and dxDiag enter.


This will give you an overview of the built-in components of your computer.

direct diagnostic program


View system information about CMD

Another way to get the desired system information:

Start the command prompt with the key combination Windows key + R and give cmd .

With a click on OK starts the Windows command console.


Then click on in the new window System Info and the system information is displayed.

command console


Here we have presented you with various options how you can display the system information in Windows 10.

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