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Quickly reduce the size of the desktop icons and enlarge them

The desktop icons are displayed in standard size after the installation of Windows 10. They help us to develop quick applications such as B. Find and start programs. With a little trick you can reduce or enlarge the desktop icons very quickly.

Desktop size icons

Every Windows user uses his desktop very differently. There are people who have the desktop completely empty and others save everything on it. Over time and with many program installations, the desktop very full.

With the modern large and high-resolution screens, the Icons shown very small so it is very difficult to find what.

If you right-click on the desktop, you can only change the context menu in three stages. Size Symbols, medium-sized icons and small icons. If that is not enough, you can use a trick to display everything from tiny to extremely huge. This is how the Desktop icons of Windows 10 as desired.

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 also possible in 2020?

Resize desktop icons by zooming

Under Windows 10 you can quickly and easily change the desktop icons by zooming in.

Hold the control button [Ctrl] and turn the at the same time Mouse wheel. Immediately the icons become huge or tiny.

enlarge desktop icons, reduce, zoom in

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