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Pin programs to the taskbar in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you have the option of pinning a program, a file or a folder in the start menu. So you can start your work faster with the program you use most. The following instructions will show you how to pin an application in the start menu:

Pin programs to the taskbar

Look under Windows 10 the program or file that you send to the Start menu pinning want.

Right click on it.

The context menu appears in which you can select "Pin to taskbar“Click.

pin to the taskbar

Immediately it is desired Program in the taskbar watch.

Remove pinned programs from the system tray

Do you want the program from the taskbar remove it again, proceed as follows:

Right-click on the program in the system tray and chooseThe option "Delete this program from the system tray".

Delete this program from the system tray

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